JUST Released in August 2015 Moist Vu DL4000

Pricing: $4895

The tabletop “Moist Vu DL4000” allows you to take control of moisture management and achieve your post-harvest target moisture in loose organics such as hops and cannabis.

This tabletop model offers non-destructive meter technology that calculates desired moisture in multiple grab samples and the flexibility to be used with kilns of any size.

The new “MOIST VU DL4000” includes the same technology featured in the “MOIST-VU DL6000,” that has been used by Northwest hop growers since 2008. Hops and its close cousin cannabis, have similar cone structure, making the DL4000 the perfect tool for moisture management for either crop.


  • Non-destructive meter technology
  • Microwave Resonant Frequency Shift Technology by leading manufacturer, Hydronix
  • Instant Meter Reading without delays of up to an hour for weight and temperature change measurements (Lab Testers)
  • Self Air Calibration on Start-up
  • Ability to load, store, and average multiple readings
  • Correct for Calibration Offset (DL-4000 Tabletop model)

Take control and determine moisture content without over or under drying.



Determining the moisture content of cannabis flowers is a critical gateway data point in processing flowers for recreational consumption. The DL4000 Moisture Meter provides TumbleWeed Farm “real time” data to drive our harvest and packaging processes. We now have the ability to take multiple samples for averaging or a single sample for quick checkpoints. The DL4000’s non-destructive testing allows you to return samples to the stock, avoiding i502 waste collection or loss of product value.

We use the meter at various checkpoints:

  • To gauge when product is ready to be removed from our drying process.
  • To gauge when our curing process is complete.
  • To determine proper moisture content for consumer packaging.

The DL4000 takes the subjective guesswork out of moisture evaluation.

Scott Masengill
TumbleWeed Farm