About Us

Tom Reid

Founder and Operator of Reid Instruments since 1985.


Instrumentation and Industrial Automation Controls,
Perry Technical Institute, Yakima, Washington.


In 1985, Reid Instruments began serving the Pacific Northwest by providing Control System Integrator Services to water and waste water municipalities. Since 2006, our focus has been developing measurement instruments for Agriculture Industries. We work closely with local growers and Ag Service Suppliers  to establish measurement solutions that were typically not available.

Presently, our focus is benefitting growers with smaller kilns, such as craft breweries and cannabis growers in their crop moisture measurement. Our intent is to provide affordable, speedy and accurate moisture measurements for loose organic crops, where more standard methods have failed.

RI continues to grow as a company and brings a high level of experience and  support to all its customers through a team of highly trained technical support staff. Each member of the team brings a minimum of 10 years “in the field” work experience which includes formal and factory training.

Reid Instruments specializes in providing solutions for difficult process measurement applications. We bring over 30 years’ experience in designing and implementing innovative solutions and will continue to improve our products based on feedback from our many customers.

In 2012, Reid Instruments strategically relocated to Walla Walla, Washington for a more central location within the agricultural industry.