RTM Tank Monitor

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The low power Tank Volume Monitor was developed out of a need from Agriculture Chemical suppliers to provide economical liquid tank volume indication. The low cost standard way to indicate/measure tank level is often a glass or clear tube sight gauge. The tank volume can be determined by cross referencing the level in a “Look-up” Table to determine the tank volume.

Some Liquid products such as Metam (Soil Disinfectant) and Telone (Soil Fumigant) are now required to be stored in tanks that do not use an external glass or tube style gauges that are attached to the outside of the tank for safety reasons.

Tank level/volume can also be measured and indicated electronically. Ultrasonic or Radar transmitters can be mounted on top of the tank with an indicator panel at ground level at the bottom of the tank. Both of these methods require attaching brackets, cutting holes in the tank top area and running electrical conduit to the bottom of the tank. Average cost including installation of both methods are $2,000 to 5,000 per tank. These 2 common electronic methods normally require a continuous source of supply power.

The RTM Advantage

  • ECONIMICAL , Lowest cost per installation when compared to other electronic methods
  • NO EXTERNAL POWER REQUIRED, Operates from 2 common 9 volt batteries
  • ONLY DRAWS POWER WHEN TAKING READING, Battery life up to 5 years
  • REPLACEMENT FOR “SIGHT GAUGES”, Where no longer allowed for certain chemicals
  • REPLACEMENT FOR “SIGHT GAUGES”, customer wants electronic display in gallons of volume
  • PROGRAMABLE DISPLAY, Display calculated volume or level
  • PRE-PROGRAMMED, to customer tank dimensions and liquid content
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE PRESSURE TRANSDUCER, 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED ACCURACY, 0.5% of transducer span
  • Intelligent Programmable 5 Digit LCD Display (Red Lion CUB-5P
  • Packaged Enclosure and front Panel Components Rated for Outdoor Use
  • Field Adjustable for Zero and Span

Manual Not Available

Tank Volume Monitors